Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starcraft 2 ZvP build

Image source: Here

You've probably found my blog since you're looking for a ZvP build.
Well I'm currently a Diamond in the SEA region and Platinum in NA region.
This is the build I do when I verse Protoss.
9 Overlord
14 Gas Extractor
14 Spawning Pool
15 Overlord
16 Queen+Zerglings
Metabolic Boost should be read by now so upgrade it
Once your queen comes out don't forget to always inject larvae and spread creep
Pump Zerglings till you get an overwhelming amount, you should try hiding a portion of your lings so your opponent doesn't know your massing them.

You should be scouting with a drone at around 10 pool and Zerglings to know what your opponent is making.
If you see a Starport make an extra Queen or two to protect against Void rays and attack with your lings.

Opponent will most likely have low units and just move to your base with his void.
If you see 4 gateway abandon lings and go roaches ASAP and make Spine crawlers on your ramps.
While harassing you want to tech up and get mutalisk pumping out.

You can also use this build on Terran and Zerg.
Just make sure you scout out what they're making if the zerg is making Banelings nest you can either tech up or Baneling nest and have a micro war.
2 Baneling explosions kill 1 Baneling
So if you can get your banelings to explode in a group of banelings you can certainly pick off the other ones by sending one zergling to attack them.

ZvT - Keki vs Cyrus Quite a funny comment he makes at the end of the replay.

Note: I forgot to move my drones onto extractor! Don't copy that.


  1. Well thanks for the info!
    I usually play Terran, so this will help me defend.
    Mesty =)

  2. No problem!
    If you need any help feel free to ask :)