Saturday, October 23, 2010

New blog

Hey followers and viewers!
I've made a new blog about random encounters in my life so please check it out and follow me :)

P.s I'll update a new post today or tomorrow about starcraft 2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keki vs Glade

Hey.. So I haven't blogged for a while since I've been lazy and couldn't really think of what I could cover in the following blogs but here's a replay of my playing against Glade (mOOnGlade).

If any SEA players want to verse one of the top SEA players definitely join

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey guys, this is really strategy related but how many tournaments have you guys played in?
I just played in an Open tournament on Sunday and got thrashed by mass stalkers in the first round :(
I'm going to try compete in more tournaments from now on.
Ign: Keki on sea/na.

P.s Just got Diamond in NA :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Roach rush

Build Order

9 Overlord
13 Spawning Pool
13 Extractor
15 Overlord
Roach Warren (latest you should start is when queen is 70% done)
Zergling speed when you have 100 gas
Overlord when queen pops, inject larvae
Take drones off gas once you have 125
5 Roaches (Warren, OL, and injection should all pop very close to each other)
Overlord (31/34 food)
Expansion when your roaches are walking to the enemy
Zerglings as you get the minerals, rallied to your opponent's base

Basicly a strategy to play offensive and defensive at the same time.

More info in this thread: Teamliquid Forums

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Updating the blog.

Hey guys if you haven't noticed, you must be colour blind :)
But I've changed the background and I've got a banner for my blog, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend.
What do you guys think of it?

Here's some nice backgrounds that I've found.
Open them to see full resolution, if you need other resolutions google the race and valentine after it :)




Which one do you like the most?

Small things that make a difference.

These tips are also applicable to other races.

As a Zerg player you should always Inject larvae with your Queen!
The amount of Larvae you can have without injecting is 3, by injecting larvae you gain an additional 3.
The max amount of larvae you can have it 17.

Always spend your resources!
There's no point of keeping unspent resources when you can be making units, structures etc.
Unspent resources slow down your army size, upgrades and structures.
Example: Getting a spawning pool 100 minerals after you have 200 will slow down the rest of your build and production by x seconds.
This is vital when the opponent is rushing.

Always scout!
You should be scouting early on in the game to see what the enemy is planning on making/doing.
Beginners find themselves getting contained by cannon rush because they don't scout the protoss, spine crawler and bunker/barrack rush!
Scouting should be done through out the game, you should not only scout the main but potential expansions.

Will be updating more tomorrow since I'm pretty tired.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baneling Bust

Here's another effective build/strategy against Protoss and Terran that you can use. Personally I was having trouble while I was in gold league and thought, How can I improve my play?
Well what I did was went to my league and looked for the highest ranked Zerg player which presumably was rank 1!
So I looked through the matches he won and his build order.
and saw that he had 8 or so banelings, so I gave this build a go and tada!
This build pretty much got me into Diamond.. It's not so valid in Diamond league though.
Anyway enough blabbering, here's the build.

9 Overlord
14 Gas Extractor
14 Supply pool
15 Overlord
16 Queen, 2 Zerglings + metabolic boost.
As soon as the Queen comes out inject larvae! and create another Overlord.
@50 gas build a Banelings nest.

Your metabolic boost and banelings nest should be up at around the same time, so start moving your Zerglings close to your opponents base but no where close to his cliff edge otherwise he'll see what you're doing.
Morph your Zerglings into banelings ( 6 - 10 banelings ) ( Morph = 25 min 25 gas )
Once your banelings up move them along with your zerglings to attack the supply depot or massed up zealots.
Right before getting in there pull your zerglings back so that your banelings can move in and explode.
After that rush your zerglings in to surround the opposing players units.
Sometimes they don't even have much units and I find that some Terran players have bad position and let their marines get splashed on by the banelings that blow up on the supply depots
If the game doesn't end then tech up and learn burrow and hide your banelings on the choke of your base and try mass up t2 units depending on your opponents units.
Once the player runs their units over the banelings press X to explode them.
Yes, this can be done while burrowed!

Counters for this build would be: Mass barracks to block, Bunkers (depending on amount behind) and Sentries (Forcefield).

Also a chart of how many banelings it takes to blow up a structure/unit.
4-5 banelings > 1 supply depot, 5 if you want to blow it up without waiting.
5 banelings > 1 pylon
4 banelings > 1 zealot
1 baneling > 1 marine